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Han Network (March 2018 Issue)

Q&A: Dylan Connor Discusses his Song for the Film Little Gandhi and his Concert at Fairfield Theatre Company with Brad Durrell

Dylan Connor performs March 3 at the Fairfield Theatre Company, in the town where he attended high school. The singer/songwriter has played venues from California to Ireland and Chicago to the Middle East.

Connor, 42, has been involved in Syrian humanitarian and protest efforts since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. His single, Man of Peace, was featured in the recent documentary film Little Gandhi, the first movie from Syria ever considered for an Oscar nomination. His wife is a Syrian native, and they have two children. 
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Fairfield Magazine (November/December 2014 Issue)

Singing for Syria: Fairfield Native Brings Music to Refugees by Jackson Connor

In recent years, Connor’s voice has emerged as one of the clearest reminders of the pain that grips Syria under the control of President Bashar al-Assad. A high school Latin teacher and a singer/songwriter popular around the Fairfield county club and coffee shop scene, he started writing topical songs in support of the revolution after his Syrian wife’s parents fled their home in Damascus and began living with him in Stratford. His album, Blood Like Fire (Songs for Syria), has turned Connor into something of a celebrity in the war-torn country. Read More

NeuFutur Magazine (Album Review)

Blood Like Fire (Songs for Syria) 

"Connor is able to create something that will stick with listeners long after the disc ceases. Read More

NeuFutur Magazine (Interview)

(1/1/14): What role do politics and current events have in your music?

A big role. This new record is very political by chronicling the Syrian uprising/revolution, and the resulting crisis we see today. I am on the side of the people of Syria who want to be free from the oppression and brutality of the Assad regime. I am against the regime of Syria and the extremists who are hijacking what was once purely a peoples’ revolution. Most of all I am stunned and infuriated by the world’s inaction, as the superpowers stand aside and let this massacre continue. Read More

New York Music Daily

(4/15/12): Connor has a broader worldview than most songwriters. He’s got an easy way with a pop hook and can be a ferociously incisive wordsmith: a lot of these songs scream out for the replay button... Read More


(2/17/09): Many have enjoyed the brilliance of Weezer, with their quirky mannerisms and catchy pop melodies. Now eclectic indie-pop artist, Dylan Connor, looks to pay the ultimate fan tribute as he releases his Almost Green Album, a cover of Weezer's Green Album in its entirety... Read More

First Coast News

(1/21/09): Dylan Connor is a latin teacher and musician originally from Berkely, California but now rooted in New York. His bi-coastal relationship between the two places has helped him grow into a better musician and allowed him to hook up with his current band. Having already recorded his debut EP in the city that never sleeps, it sort of made sense to record his debut album, Breakaway Republic here as well with his newly formed band.

Snob's Music

12/16/08: Breakaway Republic (to be released January 20th) is the new album from Berkeley, CA indie popster Dylan Connor. The Latin-teach-cum-rock musician has put together a shiny little gem of an album. The songs are tight and well constructed... Read More

Brooklyn Radio

11/3/08: Pop rocking, prize winning American Songwriter Magazine Dylan Connor brings his hooks and band to Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn at 9 tonight for some presidential election entertaining. After the cut, we ask him about getting naked at Burning Man and moving back east.




Connecticut Magazine (March 2014 Issue)

Dylan Connor's Song 'Blood Like Fire' Evokes Syrian Civil War's Dark Heart by Jackson Connor

"The song is indeed dark, and eerily prophetic. A moody, Johnny Cash-style chord progression plays while Dylan croons, “Our bones like wire, our blood is like fire,” over and over, his voice dipping in and out of a glassy falsetto. The same words flash across the screen in Arabic as the chorus plays, making the video simultaneously a wake-up call to average, apathetic Americans and a sign of solidarity between Dylan and the Syrian activists pleading for freedom almost 6,000 miles away." 
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Connecticut Post 1/14/14 (Scott Gargan)

Stratford singer/songwriter offers support to Syria, through music 

"Music can lift people's spirits," he said. "The spirit of the movement is carried by art and music, and if you lose the spirit, you lose the movement. Read More

New York Torch

(12/29/12): The war in Syria may be 6,000 miles away from the United States, but one musician in Connecticut is using his music to bring people there and here together. MaryAlice Parks reports... Read More

Elmore Magazine

(3/30/12): On this fascinating CD, recorded almost entirely in his home studio, Dylan Connor sings about some of the important events and issues of our time, interspersing the original songs with the sounds of his everyday life as a schoolteacher and parent. (If you’ve forgotten what children’s toys sound like, this will take you back.) The title track that opens the record references current events from Wall Street to the country’s many storm-ravaged communities with a refrain suggesting how very far we are from true civilization. Read More


(1/24/09): Ahh yes, the soothingly caramel-like tones of Dylan Connor, creating a panoramic view with story-like lyrics and a gentle voice. The nonchalant guitar strumming sways too and fro, like a breeze moving a fir tree. This wee acoustic, power popping Bob Dylan -loving Ben Folds- alike has created the debut album "Breakaway Republic".

Stereo Subversion

1/12/09: Dylan Connor's Breakaway Republic does not break too far from the power pop that has preceded it. Nor is it a banana republic without any real substance. At its best it is the perfect combination of story song and sugary pop. At its worst it is Matthew Sweet and Bob Mould Sugar. Either way it's a good way to spend a half hour... Read More

Fairfield County Weekly

12/11/08: The tattoo on Dylan Connor's right arm reads "Nosce te Ipsum." If you don't speak Latin, the body art means, "Know thyself." According to the singer/songwriter who wears it, this ancient phrase is written "over the door of the Temple of Apollo." It certainly ain't your typically badass, Axl Rose–style insignia. But then, this studious Bridgeport rocker — who's a Latin teacher at Bunnell High School in Stratford by day — is not your average guy with a guitar.